How To Find The Right Asian Girl & One'sTo Avoid

The majority of girls you meet online or offline are lovely &100% honest! 

However not all girls are looking for love!

Choosing the right girl at the beginning will save you a lot of hassle & money later.

Foreigners are generally seen as being well off & some will see you as a walking ATM

which can cause some big problems!

If you are here looking for love as opposed to meeting someone for a bit of fun

on your next vacation I highly recommend you join a reputable dating site.

That way you can arrange  to meet maybe 2/3 girls & qualify them before you go there.

Last thing you want to do is get fixated on one girl then when you travel all the way there you

discover you have no chemistry together or she may not even turn up.

You can ''wing'' it of course & try to meet a girl in a bar. This is high risk because girls

working in bars are there to make a living. They have guys hitting on them every night.


It's unlikely you will meet the girl of your dreams working in a bar.

There are other factors too such as a greater risk of catching an STD 

if you are mostly hanging out with girls working in bars.

Many foreigners also have woken up alone in their hotel room next morning with their
wallet or even passport missing.

Searching Online Is A Much Safer Option

There are scammers online also pretending to look for love but when you know

what to look out for it's still a way better far safer option with a much higher success rate!

Searching for the right girl online gives you an opportunity to qualify her for

potential suitability & compatibility in advance.

This way you can inspect what  you expect.

Meeting a girl online also means you can chat a few times every week & talk 

to her on cam  for a few weeks or months before you meet in person.

All the time you are growing your relationship & its exciting to talk to her 

every evening.

Some scammers are professional & very convincing. If you are not careful you can end up

losing everything, your money, valuables or even your passport after you meet her.

Always keep your wits about you after you arrive in an Asian country.

Remember that you are in a foreign country & stay safe especially travelling alone.

Some girls will post fake pictures, images stolen from other sites or maybe a photo

of a pretty cousin so you need to be sure the cute girl you are chatting to is genuine.

Also be aware that some use apps that can totally change their appearance.

These apps which are widespread now can remove skin blemishes, change

the colour of their eyes & more. 

Most dating sites will have scammers looking for money or want you to pay

to see them doing naughty stuff on a web cam site.

The majority of well known Asian Dating sites are reputable & do everything they can

to keep scammers out but it's virtually impossible to eliminate scammers 100%

See highly recommended asian dating sites on our home page

Many girls can have a local boyfriend already or even have a child & they

don't always disclose this.

You don't want to discover 3 months into your relationship that the girl of your dreams

has a child & been with her boyfriend all along who you have also been supporting?

Something else to be aware of, many lie about their age or don't use their real name.

For example many schoolgirls go to internet cafes after school & flirt

with foreign guys or ask for money to help with their studies.

Some girls might be only 14,15 or 16 but will provide a fake id claiming

they are 18 which is the minimum age required to join a dating site.


Very Important: Never meet a girl that is under 18 or looks like she might be?

Should you get caught with a girl under the legal age 18, the penalties

are very severe.

Even if you unwittingly get caught & are totally innocent, in Asian countries you are

treated as guilty until proven innocent! 


It's not uncommon for someone to be held in prison for 12 months or longer

waiting their turn go through the justice system there.

You don't want to end up in an Asian prison. It's not worth the risk!

Beginning The Search For Your Asian Girlfriend  

Keep in mind when browsing profiles that the only information you have available

is whatever information the girl has posted in her profile & of course her pictures.

Avoid profiles with one liner descriptions similar to '' I want to meet my

foreign husband'' or ''I want a guy to support my studies''

Also be wary of girls who are being overly sexy in their photos & displaying maybe

a bit too much flesh, might not be future wife material?


Always use common sense & if you are not sure or something does not feel right, 

move on to the next girl. There are thousands more out there.

You don't have to fall for the first girl you meet.

Not Recommended Profile Example:

If a girl is really serious about a relationship she will likely take the time to create

a decent profile.This might include details about her family, her studies,

her life, what she's doing now her ambition for the future etc.. 


She would probably mention the kind of guy she wants to meet, if she's looking

marriage & wants her own family or wants to move abroad etc.

Recommended Profile Example: 






Good description & lots of pictures is a good place to start.

It's not 100% guarantee of success every time of course but it's a good indicator!


A few things to consider as you browse through the different profiles.

Many Asian girls are students especially in The Philippines & that's really fine.

Try to find a girl that is living at home with her family or even one that is the

family breadwinner as they tend to be more responsible & less likely to stray.

A great place to look for your future wife or girlfriend is outside of the capital cities

in the provinces. I'm not saying avoid girls in the capital cities, of course not.

There are nice girls everywhere but that little bit harder to find in capital cities.


Girls brought up in provinces or country areas just do have different values as they

have not been exposed to city life & all that goes with that.

The other big benefit is you will love getting out into the countryside which is

the heart of any country, the people are ''salt of the earth'' & the scenery is beautiful.

When You Get  Asked To Send Money?


At some stage you will be asked for money, believe me!


My response is I'm sorry but I cannot send money to someone I have never met.

Here are some reasons you might hear.

My grandmother just died & we don't have the money to bury her.

I have to stop my study now or it's one of her siblings. I have no money to buy books.

My mother has high blood or needs an operation.

Don't ever feel bad about saying "No'' My response always was ..

'' I'm sorry I cannot send money to anyone I have not met in person''

One other very important tip, never ever send money in advance for a plane fare 

or taxi fare. I guarantee she will not turn up!  


She may even be doing this with other foreign guys she's chatting online.

The solution,You offer to go to her place!

If she refuses or keeps making excuses, It could indicate she has a boyfriend there

& does not want him to find out about you.(sometimes even the boyfriend is on the act)

What I used to do is if she wants to meet you, arrange to meet her in a public place. 

Ask her to text you when shes 10 mins away then meet her & pay the taxi driver.

Look, If you have been chatting for awhile & you want to send $5 -$10 

to cover her internet maybe?

But I do not recommend sending money to anyone that you have never met in person.

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