Must Know Tips For Dating Asian Girls


What I want to share with you here is based on my personal experience

over a 10 year period mostly in The Philippines.

Here you will find the girls I consider to be the best & loveliest girls in Asia.

Where to meet them & why they tick all the boxes that matter!

I will share some great dating tips that will guarantee success when you want to meet

& date Asian girls.


I also review review some of the best Asian date sites & not all sites are created equal. 

I also show you how to find the right asian girl & ones you should avoid!

(This tip alone will weed out the time wasters, girls maybe looking something

else besides love)

I even show you areas where the best girls can be found if you are looking

for a serious girlfriend or a future wife.

We take you through the entire dating process from the time you first chat 

online, to arriving in her country. 


From meeting her family, how to win them over, the culture & much more. 


Be Prepared Before You Begin Your Dating Journey

Guys before you start to view the gorgeous girls here, take a few minutes

to read tips & recommendations starting with How To Choose A Winning Profile.

Being prepared, knowing what to do & how to deal with different situations

gives you a massive head start. As they say ''knowledge is power''


It really will save you time, money and probably heartache too.


I wish I knew this stuff when I was starting out.


Many of us who are single, divorced or moving into the retirement years

are looking for a partner to settle down with.


Many have seen that guy at the mall with a beautiful young Asian wife or girlfriend.

Then you think'' Hey that could be me'' Well why not?


South East Asia is the logical choice to find your perfect partner be it Thailand,

Philippines or Malaysia.


You don't need to be heading for retirement of course. 


It does not matter if you plan to live there where the cost of living is so cheap

or you plan to bring your girl back to your country.


Age Does Not Matter If You Want To Date An Asian Girl


As long as you are faithful, treat her with respect, provide her a secure family

environment and of course they love white babies.


Asian girls are not only beautiful & naturally sexy but have a gentle nature.

I am speaking from experience as my partner is Filipina.

We got married in Nov 2018 and we have been together for over 9 years now.


I admit I have been very lucky to have a fantastic partner who's beautiful

and a really nice person          


Best Ways To Find A Beautiful Asian Girl

Date Filipina.png

There are many different ways. If you are already in Thailand or The Philippines.

You can approach a girl in the mall or just walking along the street or even where

she works like in a department store.

This method works best in The Philippines because Filipinas have very good English

& super friendly too.

I know some guys who just approach a girl & give them a card with their name & number

with a very brief message something like, they are looking for a girlfriend.

You don't need to do a hard sell because if shes interested she will text you

back very quickly or give it to a friend if she already has a boyfriend.

Some will even ask you to swap cellphone numbers soon as you approach her.

You can also approach girls same way in a bar or restaurant.


The success rate might be a bit lower here as there is more competition

& they get used to foreign guys hitting on them every night


The best method if you a planning to visit Philippines or Thailand is to look for
a girl online 2/3 months before you plan to arrive there.

Not only will you have built up some mutual trust but you know something

about her when you finally meet.

I highly suggest that first time you go there you arrange to meet 3 girls or

at least 2 anyway. 

Time is not on your side & If the girl you arranged to meet does not work out

then you probably won't have enough time to meet anyone else. 

You don't want to arrive for a 2 week vacation to find out that you have nothing

in common. So makes sense to choose 2/3 girls online first then meet them

in person & decide who's the one!

Meeting a girl in person is very different to chatting online & you want to be with someone

you have good chemistry with.

If it does not work out then you have to start the whole search process all over again.


Why Meeting Online First Is A Way Better Option

I do recommend meeting a girl online first instead of
just going there & hoping to meet someone when you arrive.

Yes it's easy to meet someone when do arrive as there are girls everywhere.
The problem is meeting the right girl especially if you are looking for a serious girlfriend.


If you are only there for a few weeks its not enough time to get to know each other.
As soon as you leave she will likely move on to the next foreigner who shows her attention.

If you have met her online a few weeks earlier there is already a bond or emotional attachment so will be harder for her to go to someone else once you leave & return to your country.

There are many Asian date sites around these days some good & some not so good.

I'm not keen on sites that require you to do surveys first & there are many.

They require you to answer multiple questions before you even get to look at the site or view any of the members. I tend to avoid for these reasons & also it takes too much time.

Below are some dating sites that I have had great success with especially

Cherry Blossoms. Scroll down further to see Highly Recommended Asian Dating Sites

Pretty Filipina Girl

How To Win Her Heart Once You Meet Your Girl

It's really not that different in Asia than in western countries.
The main thing is to be polite & respectful of both her, her family & her culture.

Doing the alpha male thing will not get you very far & she won't be impressed.
Asian girls are generally shy & reserved so take it a little bit slower at the start.

It won't take long though until she feels secure & comfortable with you.

Get her a small gift like flowers, chocolates or a toy bear that will break the ice.

Not only will she be impressed but she will also tell her family & friends

what a great guy you are.

Family is hugely important in Asia & she will want them to meet you asap.
If you can bond with her family & they like you, she will be super impressed.

In the Philippines they love singing & if you join in on the karaoke machine
that's even more brownie points. Discover more about Filipina

When you meet her family don't forget to bring some food like a cooked chicken or fish
maybe some rice & definitely some beer to share with her father & brothers.

A small gift for her mother too will be highly appreciated & you can also get your girl
to help you choose something her mother might like, maybe a scented soap or a perfume?

Its not so much about the value of the gift, it's more about ''It's the thought that counts''

Date Thai Girls.jpg

                         Highly Recommended Asian Dating Sites 

Cherry Blossoms are the longest established Asian Dating Online Sites with over

75,000 members. Their vast experience and knowledge in Asian Dating really shows through here.


Cherry Blossoms in my opinion is not only very popular but one of the best Asian Dating Sites. 

So easy to navigate, & easy to use. Great site to meet Filipinas

Search features including live chat, they even email girls who match your profile.

It is packed with great features. Cherry Blossoms is one site you definitely should check out!

Filipino Cupid is another great professional Asian dating site with a long

established reputation. As the name suggests it is very targeted to Filipina girls.

This very popular dating site has a large membership base of pretty Filipina's & 

also very easy to navigate. Highly recommend!


Asian Dating.Com the leading Asian dating site with a membership of 2.5 million 

active members. It's an ideal site if you are travelling in Asia & looking to meet girls from

various different Asian countries. Many guys might visit Vietnam or Cambodia first & then

visit Thailand or the Philippines or vice versa. 

It's a popular site with guys searching in USA, Australia & Europe wanting to meet 

Asian Singles.  A great site  for girls also if they want to meet & date guys from these countries.


Filipino2Meet  Are you a Filipino or Filipina wanting to meet other Filipinos?

Pinoy seeking  Pinay or Pinay seeking Pinoy. If you are seeking love, friendship

or maybe someone to hang out with then Filipino2Meet is your go to dating place.

Meet your future partner in a safe secure online environment before you meet in person.
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